E-Sign’s 2023 Company Retrospective

Posted 11th December 2023

With the new year fast approaching, we’ll soon be saying goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024 and we thought what better way to bring in the new year then by celebrating our achievements in 2023.

It’s undoubtedly been a fantastic year that’s seen us grow, both fiscally and across our departments, welcoming new members to the team and expanding our reach across the UK and further afield.

Our 2023 review stats:

  • Processed 13.2 million documents
  • Welcomed 24,000 new signers
  • 4.8 million envelopes sent
  • Saved 320 tonnes of CO2
  • Saved 18,128 trees

But what truly quantifies a good year? We’ve compiled just a few of our key moments from the last 12 months, looking at how they’ve shaped one of our most blossoming years so far, and what that means looking forward to 2024.

9 Momentous Moments For E-Sign In 2023

We’ve condensed one of our busiest years to date down to just 9 key moments which we feel characterise the journey 2023 has seen us take.

#1 – We Won The Digital Revolution Award For Digital Transformation Project Of The Year

In April of this year, we won the prestigious Digital Revolution Award for Digital Transformation Project of the Year for our work with the National Clinical Homecare Association. The award recognised our digitisation of NHS prescriptions using our cutting-edge technology.

The strategic goal of the project was to have a universal and scalable solution that addressed all of the issues related to paper-based prescription transport, as well as ensuring that the guidelines issued in the wake of the COVID pandemic were still at the forefront of all we do.

Winner - Digital Revolution Awards 2023

That focus on ongoing patient safety was a key driving factor behind that contract, but it also played a pivotal role in achieving a huge range of objectives that included:

  • Significant reductions in prescription processing time, down to just 2 hours
  • A reduction of more than 9,100kg of CO2 per year
  • Saved over £95,000 annually by reducing energy consumption
  • Saved the paper equivalent of more than 500 trees

It was an honour to receive the award and it recognised our commitment to driving digital transformation and helping organisations to streamline their operations through our innovative solutions.

It was also an opportunity to be recognised on a more global scale, with our win being shared with the major multinational corporation Cognizant.


#2 – Named as a Tech Climber in the Liverpool City Region

We were delighted to be included in the Tech Climbers list for the Liverpool City Region Tech Climbers reveal. Tech Climbers aims to showcase scalable, innovative, product-led technology businesses in regions across the UK.

It was a fantastic event celebrating innovative technology businesses in Liverpool and it was a pleasure to be in the room with so many members of the Liverpool tech community. There’s a huge amount of tech talent and growth taking place in Liverpool and as a business, we are proud to call Liverpool home.

esign named as a Liverpool city region tech climber


#3 – E-Sign Appointed as An Advisor to The World Bank

E-Sign has been appointed by the World Bank to help accelerate digital transformation in the Middle East, spearheaded by E-Sign’s pioneering work in the digital signature and documents sphere.

In this captivity, E-Sign is advising the World Bank on how to build the kind of digital infrastructure and “trust framework” that’s already prevalent across Europe and North America, and that’s seen numerous improvements to security, efficiency and environmental initiatives.

Tom Taylor Appointed as Advisor to World Bank

The ongoing project includes the development of specific technical solutions, and innovations that are set to improve a range of aspects. That’s best exemplified by the proposed blockchain-based system for authenticating the identity of individuals and organisations to facilitate business transactions across borders.

The advisory role builds on our award-winning work in helping public sector organisations, both nationally and globally, to adopt new digital technologies that improve efficiency and reduce costs.


#4 – We Launched Our New Web App & Website

Over the course of the year, E-Sign dedicated development and testing team were working hard behind the scenes to bring our customers a brand-new, cutting-edge dashboard with enhanced features.

Designed to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible user experience, the new dashboard launched in November of 2023, bringing with it a massively increased level of functionality, along with numerous new features and functionality improvements.

We also launched a new website at the same time to match the new user interface. This aligns with our commitment to continually improving our service, and ultimately allowed for our customers and clients to more easily navigate to the services they need.

eSign Launched New Web App

Plus, as a technologically-minded business, we’re constantly aware of the changing nature of the Internet, and how consumers browse the web. This means there’s also a host of changes “under the bonnet”, such as faster loading times, better optimisation and support for a greater range of devices and browsers.


#5 – A Whole Host Of Exciting New Feature Releases

Our new dashboard launch wouldn’t have been complete without the additional release of multiple new and highly demanded features. We’ve long remained committed to ensuring a smooth experience, and a huge part of that is the features we can offer.

Alongside the updated dashboard, we also released numerous, much-requested features, including:

  • Envelope reports providing personalised insights
  • Expiry notifications to track envelope expiry date
  • Action required inbox to track documents sent for signing
  • Ability to place cursor inside text in an editable field
  • Designated signer colours to distinguish between signers
  • Ability to click to place fields on a document
  • A range of new theme colours
  • Add additional signers when using a template
  • Improved digital accessibility
  • Increased mobile optimisation

We’re always listening to our customers’ needs and feedback, and continuously look at ways to update and improve our platform. Our platform is ever-evolving, and we are looking forward to releasing more features over the coming months.


#6 – We Became Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

A recent accreditation (coming just a few short weeks ago in November), we were honoured to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification, building on our previous Cyber Essentials accreditation.

A government-backed scheme, Cyber Essentials Plus certifies that an organisation’s technological defences (such as firewalls, antivirus software, and two factor authentication) will protect against a wide variety of the most common cyber-attacks.

eSign Cyber Essentials Certified

As part of the extensive certification process, we also underwent a robust and comprehensive audit which, we’re delighted to say, we passed with flying colours. The audit determined that all of the systems we use, and that our clients interact with, are completely secure, and in line with the requirements outlined by Cyber Essentials.

The certification allows us to expand and grow our business into sensitive markets, where there’s often a mandatory requirement for the accreditation. We’ve already started to see this materialise with highly sensitive clients in the NHS and UK government, and the future is bright in that regard.


#7 – We Attended Leading Tech Conferences in the UK and Saudi Arabia

In February, we attended Leap 2023, an annual technology conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which brings together leaders, data scientists, innovators, and enterprises in the industry to discuss and exhibit the latest innovations in technology.

It was a fantastic and insightful week where we got to meet leaders in the industry and showcase our innovative eSignature solutions. It’s also naturally an opportunity to network and to build connections, which will undoubtedly become integral as we move forward, and companies look to reduce their carbon emissions.

We also attended DTX Europe at the London ExCeL, Europe’s largest Digital Transformation conference. The conference brings together creative minds, technical experts and the latest tools needed to drive change and generate value for organisations.

While closer to home, it gave us the opportunity to visit one of the world’s technological and business hubs, and to experience what’s set to become the future of business and commerce, as well as where digital signatures will connect with that.


#8 – We Showcased Our Digital Healthcare Solutions At The Clinical Pharmacy Congress

We were extremely proud to be part of the Clinical Pharmacy Congress, showcasing our digital solutions alongside University Hospital Birmingham and our partner Thula, a leading healthcare technology firm based in Iceland.

The partnership with Thula has seen our advanced electronic signature solution integrated into Thula’s ALFA controlled drug module to provide a closed-loop and fully paperless solution for the management of controlled drugs.

Clinical Pharamacy Congress

This congress was also another opportunity for us to put across the exceptional services and technology we can provide for a range of highly sensitive industries. It’s especially pertinent to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, which often require signature solutions for documents such as treatment courses, prescriptions and waivers.


#9 – We Were Finalists In The Liverpool Chamber Innovation In Business Awards

Back in August, we were extremely proud to be nominated as finalists at the Liverpool Chamber Innovation in Business awards. One of the most prestigious awards in the Merseyside area, we were up against stiff competition, and some admittedly exceptional ideas.

Although we didn’t get the win this time, we had a fantastic time at the awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of Liverpool businesses. It’s crucial for us to understand the competition we face, and the opportunities there is for us to grow and continue developing.

Just the nomination in and of itself was a huge win for all of us at E-Sign, and it’s a testament to the monumental efforts that everyone involved with the company puts in on a daily basis.


Looking To 2024 With Optimism & Excitement

New years often bring with new challenges, new opportunities and new causes for celebration, and its that which we take forward into our new year here at E-Sign.

Our newly launched, redesigned and sophisticated client dashboard and website are early indicators of the avenue we’re seeking to follow in 2024 – one of innovation, of intelligent initiatives, and of that continued focus on providing the best service possible.

We’ll aim to continue our cutting-edge commentary on the state of technology and how that relates to the electronic signature sphere. We’re also seeking to pursue an even greener future, with the wheels in motion thanks to our membership with the SME Climate Hub community.

Electronic signatures are fast becoming the norm with net-zero fast approaching, and we want to ensure that every business, regardless of the service they do, can make that step in the right direction.

We want to continue blazing the trail for intelligent and inventive solution. We want to sustain the successes you’ve seen in our recap of 2023. We want to ensure we remain pioneers across some of the most pivotal public services.

Most importantly, however, we want to guarantee that everyone involved with E-Sign, whether that’s clients or colleagues, has the opportunity to make a difference, and be recognised for their contributions.

With that in mind, we look to a prosperous, exciting and successful future. Here’s to 2024!

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