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Integrate eSign with Sharepoint to seamlessly create and send documents for signature without having to change your workflow.

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E-Sign for SharePoint Integration

Simplify and streamline document processes from Sharepoint with eSign

We understand the importance of being able to work collectively with different applications and systems for effective and productive business processes. eSign’s integration with Sharepoint allows you to easily sign and send documents as well as automate existing workflows to maximise the efficiency of document management for both you and your clients.

Directly send documents for eSignature from Sharepoint.

Combine the features of eSign and Sharepoint

Make signing and sending documents simpler by combining eSign and Sharepoint, so you can avoid the extra steps of having to switch between applications when working on documents. All your document requirements can be fulfilled and managed from one place, meaning you can make the most of the powerful features both platforms can offer within your processes.

Also, you can ensure better collaboration on important documents with internal and external stakeholders. Document recipients can add their electronic signature from anywhere, resulting in significant time savings and improved efficiency for clients who are based in different locations.

Send a Document from SharePoint Document Library

Automatically and securely store signed documents in Sharepoint folders.

Work more efficiently and securely

Security is a core priority for businesses in managing documents, including allowing accessibility to them. Our easy to use administrative controls enable you to grant access to relevant users, organise your documents from one single location within Sharepoint, and maintain compliance. All of this and more can be achieved by eSign and Sharepoint, allowing businesses to improve document turnaround, reduce costs, and provide a straightforward document signing experience for clients.

By using eSign, you can effectively optimise document processes in your workflow, such as storing signed documents in a ‘completed’ Sharepoint folder, making organisation and accessibility quicker and easier for your team. This also improves traceability of documents as you will be able to monitor the status of who has signed, who is yet to sign, and where any delays might occur, to make capturing signatures smoother, especially when you are waiting for several signers.

Sending Documents Through SharePoint for eSignature

Collect valid signatures and route documents.

Implement automatic workflows in Sharepoint

With eSign for SharePoint, you can choose the documents you want to sign or send from the Sharepoint library and use eSign to specify the route of the document, so that it can be signed by the right people in your preferred order. This makes it a simple process to automate your existing business workflows, ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly experience for your team and external stakeholders from the start of the integration.

Paper-based processes have become outdated and ineffective for businesses, with applications being used to improve workflow and reduce costs on paper-related products such as printing, ink, postage, and document storage. The integration of eSign and Sharepoint offers the digital features and solutions businesses need, to provide the best customer experience to their clients as well as boosting productivity and supporting employees to carry out their tasks in a more streamlined way.

E-Sign SharePoint Workflow

Benefits of eSign and Sharepoint integration

Streamline Business Communications

Our digital products are aimed at streamlining your business workflow, communication, and collaboration. Combining eSign and Sharepoint can simplify your processes and boost communication between your chosen workspaces.

Modernise your Operations

Paper-based processes can no longer keep up with the demands of your business and market. Modernise your operations with our digital platform and electronic signature and ensure your business stays one step ahead of competitors.

Improve Customer Experience

Optimise your current processes and offer responsive customer service to leave a lasting impression of your company. With eSign and Sharepoint, your digital solutions can communicate and collaborate for maximum efficiency.

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