Payment Processing with eSign

Request and instantly capture payments (upon document completion) from your signers, with our automatic payment capture feature.

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eSign Payment Processing
1.1 million
documents processed per month
new signers per month
envelopes sent per month
1.1 million
documents processed per month
new signers per month
envelopes sent per month

Integrated Payment Processing

For a faster and more effective way to do business, simply integrate your preferred payment gateway with our platform. Securely capture payments from customers with our instant payment processing and allow your clients to eSign and complete payments in one single transaction. eSign is compatible with a range of trusted providers, including Stripe, PayPal and Apple Pay, so your customers have the confidence they need to make secure payments.

Easier document management.

How does eSign’s Payment Capture Work?

Combine two separate transactions into one for easier document management. After connecting your payment gateway to the eSign platform, you can easily add a payment request via our Payment Tags.

eSign accepts major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay from your clients. Acceptable payment methods vary with the payment gateway you decide to use:

  • Stripe: Credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay
  • Braintree/PayPal: Credit cards, debit cards
  • Net: Credit cards, debit cards

Complete transactions instantly and securely.

Streamline and Digitalise Payment Collection

Collect payments and complete transactions instantly and securely with our easy payment processing. Spend less time chasing and manually processing payments and more time growing your business.

With the ability to collect payments directly into your bank account, your business can also benefit from improved accountancy and financial modelling. Collect signatures & payments on agreements, including:

  • Insurance premiums
  • Membership agreements
  • Event space rentals
  • Donations
  • Security deposits
Complete eSign Payment Easily

UK Government’s high-performance network.

The Only Trusted Digital Signature Provider on the Public Service Network

E-Sign is the only electronic signature provider trusted on the Public Service Network. The PSN is the UK Government’s high-performance network, which enables public sector organisations to work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

Government organisations and health trusts access the PSN for secure and trusted digital services. Suppliers must meet strict regulatory requirements and the highest security standards to be PSN certified.

With the rapidly growing digitisation of document management and cloud-based solutions, the need for trustworthy providers has never been more important. The eSign platform provides businesses with improved efficiencies and major cost savings, creating enhanced advantages over competitors.




Mid Devon District Council

“Using eSign has made our tenancy completion processes so simple. You don’t have to be technically savvy to be able to use the platform and it doesn’t draw on any other ICT resources. Our tenancy agreements and documents are signed within minutes and we’ve even had tenants’ comment on how easy it is to use as a signer which is fantastic.”

Lisa Harber | Team Leader 

University of Oxford

“The University of Oxford have appointed eSign UK Ltd. as their preferred electronic signature platform. eSign quickly guided departments on the most cost-effective and efficient route offered, providing continued support to ensure contracts were completed and deadlines met.”

Purchasing Department | End User

Paratus Law

“The law supports the use of electronic signatures, and eSign is an essential tool for any business wishing to enhance customer experience and accelerate revenue. Esign is incredibly user-friendly, and using it has been a very positive experience both for me and for my clients.”

Simon Arthur | Owner


“eSign has transformed our operations at Beyondly. Integrating eSign into our systems was relatively straight forward and has massively improved customer and team experience. As a Bcorp organisation we place high value on our environmental impact and since inception, eSign has represented a 31.46kg saving of CO2 entering the atmosphere.”

Emily Rice | Operations Manager

National Clinical Homecare Association

“The tools are very easy to set up and intuitive to use. When we encountered issues, the eSign team was agile enough to respond, usually on the same day. The copy template feature has made setup with new customers much easier.”

National Clinical Homecare Provider | End User

Slater Heelis Solicitors

“eSign is an invaluable tool that assists us in keeping track of our legal matters. It gives us full control of the document journey and has greatly improved signature capture and document turnaround times.”

Slater Heelis Solicitors | End User

Morgan Ash

“Working in the regulated financial and medical markets we need a quick secure and economical signature process. eSign gives us all of these.”

Andrew Gething | Managing Director

Blue I Properties

“Can’t recommend esign enough. It is quicker, easier and cheaper to use than many of their competitors.  The detailed Document History provides useful evidence and proof of when your document was created and signed.  Their team members are extremely knowledgeable of the systems, friendly and professional.  All in all, an amazing product at a very competitive price.”

Debbie Collins | Lettings Administrator

Government Property Agency

“One thing which sets eSign apart is their flexible signature packages, allowing flexibility in both pricing and usage to provide the best solution for the organisation. The GPA has been very well looked after by our eSign account manager and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

Government Property Agency | End User


“The solution was simple to use, has a great management portal, and the price met our expectations. We now use the product for our own internal use and have recommended and deployed it into our customers when we get requests for signature solutions. eSign’s ongoing support is excellent, and they are continuously improving and developing their solution.”

Paul Visagie | IT Consultant

Cambridgeshire County Council

“eSign has brought both time and efficiency benefits to our department since we started using the platform two years ago. It is easy to use and they have useful training videos available which have been helpful for training our team on how to use the platform and its features.”

Wendy Ballard | End User

Churchill Support Services

“Using eSign has significantly reduced the time it takes to send and receive contracts which means we close deals quicker. I especially like how you can redirect and edit documents without creating new envelopes and keep track of which contracts are pending signature as an admin. As an environmentally friendly business, it’s helpful to see how much carbon we are saving with the carbon counter. I would definitely recommend eSign to a business who is looking to close deals faster.”

Katie Butcher | Client Relationship Manager

University of Salford

“We use eSign at the University of Salford to issue copyright declaration forms when supplying copies of material to users of our archives. We used to issue the forms as attachments to emails, but users found it difficult to sign and return the forms, especially if they didn’t have a printer. Sending the forms using eSign has made it much easier and quicker for our users to sign and return the forms. From our end it is simple and straightforward to issue the forms via eSign and we get a notification when they have been completed.”

End User | University of Salford

Polden Bower

“We are a group of three schools operating across six sites supported by a Central Team, so we’re looking for an electronic approval solution that would bring about significant efficiency, both in time and cost. We wanted a user-friendly system that would comply with finance policy, manifest maximum engagement from all Signatories, and had the capability to offer more as we grow as an organisation.  eSign fits the bill on all fronts for us from affordability, cost savings, accessibility and functionality perspectives, right through to tried and trusted customer service, support and data security.  We spent our first year on the Business Plan to embed this new way of working into our processes and we are now ready to roll out eSign access to other Central departments as we upgrade to the Enterprise subscription.  The user guides, chat facility, training offer and support provided by eSign is all really helpful and the team are always responsive when we get in touch.  It’s also reassuring that the Data Centres are in the UK and are managed by eSign.”  

Alison Sanders | Executive Finance Officer
Boon Bookers Testimonial Logo

Boon Brokers

“E-Sign has significantly helped our operations at Boon Brokers. Previously, clients had to manually print, sign, and scan documentation back to us. With the help of E-Sign’s API, we have managed to integrate the system into our software. This now enables all clients to easily E-Sign our fact-finds within a matter of clicks via e-mail. This has significantly improved the efficiency of our business. Thank you, E-Sign.”

Gerard Boon | Managing Director, Boon Brokers
Thula Testimonial logo


“We are very proud and thrilled to be working with the eSign team, creating a truly digital and revolutionising management tool for controlled drugs in a post-pandemic world. The benefits to the clinical and pharmacy teams are huge and drives greater legislative and regulatory confidence and safer and efficient patient care.”

Adele McAllister | Manager
Hessington Health Testimonial

Hessington Health

“Hessington Health is a busy national health screening and occupational health practice with over 18 independent schools and over 10,000 staff members. The challenge we have faced is reminding employees to sign consent forms before we release the reports to their employers. This is an incredibly time consuming process. E-Sign has offered us the perfect solution. The online dashboard allows us to track the consent forms in their journey, Set reminders and have a safe place to store the completed forms. This has saved us an immense amount of time and improved our governance in this area. It also allows the user to create bespoke forms meaning any organisation from any sector will be able to utilise this package.”

Harjeev Rai | Medical Director

Benefits of Payment Processing

Elimate Human Error
Reduced Errors

Equip your business with real-time audit trails of payment capture and document completions.

Increased Efficiency
More Focus on your Business

Spend less time chasing and manually processing payments and more time on driving your business forward.

Improve Collaboration
Smoother Customer Experience

Deliver a superior customer experience by providing the ability to complete transactions and agreements instantly.

Reduce Costs with eSignatures
Improved Cash Flow

Get payments transferred directly into your bank account for improved accountancy and financial modelling.

User Friendly Platform
Easy Set up

Our payment capture is easy to set up. All you need to do is link your payment gateway to your eSign account.

Increased Security
Secure Payment Processing

All information is encrypted and securely handled for peace of mind that your transactions are protected.

Flexible eSignature Process

Seamless Integration

eSign integrates with leading software platforms to improve and simplify your transaction.

eSign Integrations
eSign Connects and Integrates Applications

Technical Checklist

  •   Choose your preferred payment gateway for integration into eSign’s platform.
  •   Easily add Payment Tags to your documents to collect payments when closing transactions.
  •   Benefit from improved cashflow and financial modelling.
  •   Improve your overall customer experience with easy payment options.
  •   Integrate two separate processes into one simple transaction.
  •   Spend less time chasing and manually processing payments.

eSign Case Studies

National Clinical Homecare Association Case Study
National Clinical Homecare Association

The healthcare industry clearly recognised the need to adopt a digital approach to prescription processing, giving operational advantages, regulatory compliance and improvements to patient safety.

Mid Devon Case Study
Mid Devon District Council

There has been significant time and cost savings on the sign-up process for new tenants as there is no longer a requirement for officers or tenants to travel to meet in a location to sign the agreement. 

Law Firm Case Study
Legal Industry

eSign provides cost-effective solutions to digitally process key legal documents, such as contracts, agreements and policy documents, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing your brand reputation.




eSign templates simplify document signing for your business, saving time and resources. Easily integrate electronic signatures into your workflow, whether it’s contracts, agreements, or other legal documents.

View eSign Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Payment Processing mean?

Payment processing refers to the secure collection of payments from customers using our instant payment processing solution. With this feature, your clients can conveniently electronically sign documents and complete payments in a seamless single transaction.

What is the role of Payment Processing?

Payment processing plays a crucial role in managing debit/credit card transactions. Acting as a mediator between merchants and financial institutions, the payment processor authorises these transactions and facilitates the timely transfer of funds, ensuring that merchants receive their payments promptly. By handling the transaction process, payment processors enable seamless and secure payment experiences for both merchants and customers.

Can Payment Processing Save you Time?

Payment processing systems streamline the payment collection process, reducing the time required to handle transactions and improving overall efficiency.

Can Payment Processing Reduce Errors?

Automated payment processing minimises the risk of human error in data entry, calculation, and reconciliation, leading to more accurate financial records.

Does payment processing increase cash flow whilst saving costs?

Prompt payment processing enables businesses to receive funds quickly, improving cash flow and providing greater financial stability. In addition labour costs are reduced. By automating payment processing tasks, businesses can reduce manual labor requirements, resulting in lower labor costs and increased productivity.

Is Payment Processing Secure?

Enhanced Security: Payment processing systems incorporate robust security measures, protecting sensitive payment information and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

Can Payment Processing Improve Customer Experience?

Customer satisfaction is improved customer, efficient payment processing ensures smooth and hassle-free transactions for customers, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction with your business.

Does Payment Processing Simplify Reconciliation?

Simplified Reconciliation: Payment processing systems provide detailed transaction records and reports, simplifying the reconciliation process and making it easier to track and manage financial data.

Is Payment Processing Scalable?

Payment processing solutions can scale with your business as it grows, accommodating higher transaction volumes and expanding payment options to meet evolving customer needs.

What are the Main Benefits of Payment Processing?

Overall, the benefits of payment processing include time savings, reduced human error, improved cash flow, lower labor costs, enhanced security, customer satisfaction, simplified reconciliation, and scalability, all of which contribute to greater operational efficiency and financial success.

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