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Enable Signers to Identify Witnesses Electronically

eSign now offers eWitnessing to enable signers to identify witnesses without the need for them to be physically present. There are certain documents where a witness is legally required, for example, land transfers, power of attorney, shareholder agreements and loan documents. Save time, money, resources and speed up the document completion process with our e-witnessing feature.

eWitnessing can expedite the process of obtaining witness signatures.

How Does eSign’s eWitness Work?

eWitnessing can be done electronically using a process that mimics traditional witnessing. This is fulfilled by the option of a digitised document, backed by technology that captures rich witness evidence such as geolocation, IP addresses and timestamps of the signatures. This shows when the document was signed and where all the signatories were located at the time of signing.

With eSign, the process involves the signatory receiving the document by email, specifying the name and email address of the witness and applying their signature. Once the signatory has signed, the witness will receive a separate email asking them to add their signature and details.

Streamline Working eSign

Robust security features.

When Does a Document Require a Witness?

For most contracts and agreements that require a signature in the UK, there is no requirement for the signature to be witnessed. However, some parties will include this additional step to ensure that the important document has been signed by the correct signatory. In some circumstances, a witness is legally required for example a deed execution.

A deed can be used for legal documents such as:

  • Land transfers
  • Powers of attorney
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Loan documents
  • Transfers of assets


what is an signature

eSign platform provides users with a high level of security.

Conveyancer-Certified eWitnessing

HM Land Registry’s Practice Guide 82 outlines the steps for a witness to eSign a deeds using a conveyancer certified eSignature process.

For a deed to be successfully signed by an eWitness they have to receive it via their own email address and to access they have to enter a six digit one-time passcode (OTP) that has been sent to their mobile via SMS.

When they sign it captures the device, browser, version and IP address of the witness to determine their location and when they eWitnessed the signing of the deed.

The Law Commission’s September 2019 report on the electronic execution of documents concluded that deeds could be signed and witnessed using a valid electronic signature platform. Our secure platform allows you to add an electronic signature and act as a witness for an agreement or deed in a simple way.


UK Government’s high-performance network.

The Only Trusted Digital Signature Provider on the Public Service Network

eSign is the only electronic signature provider trusted on the Public Service Network. The PSN is the UK Government’s high security network, which enables public sector organisations to work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

Government organisations and health trusts access the PSN for secure and trusted digital services, that meet strict regulatory requirements and provide assurance that the service they access has the highest security standards, is exceptionally reliable, and can address issues within a rapid timeframe.

With the rapidly growing digitisation of document management and cloud-based solutions, the need for trustworthy providers has never been more important. The eSign document management and electronic signature solution provides businesses with improved efficiencies and major cost savings, creating enhanced advantages over competitors.



Mid Devon Testimonial logo

Mid Devon District Council

“Using eSign has made our tenancy completion processes so simple. You don’t have to be technically savvy to be able to use the platform and it doesn’t draw on any other ICT resources. Our tenancy agreements and documents are signed within minutes and we’ve even had tenants’ comment on how easy it is to use as a signer which is fantastic.”

Lisa Harber | Team Leader 
Thula Testimonial logo


“We are very proud and thrilled to be working with the eSign team, creating a truly digital and revolutionising management tool for controlled drugs in a post-pandemic world. The benefits to the clinical and pharmacy teams are huge and drives greater legislative and regulatory confidence and safer and efficient patient care.”

Adele McAllister | Manager
Oxofrd University Testimonial logo

University of Oxford

“The University of Oxford have appointed eSign UK Ltd. as their preferred electronic signature platform. Esign quickly guided departments on the most cost-effective and efficient route offered, providing continued support to ensure contracts were completed and deadlines met.”

Purchasing Department | End User
Paratus Law Testimonial logo

Paratus Law

“The law supports the use of electronic signatures, and eSign is an essential tool for any business wishing to enhance customer experience and accelerate revenue. Esign is incredibly user-friendly, and using it has been a very positive experience both for me and for my clients.”

Simon Arthur | Owner
Beyondly Testimonial logo


“Esign has transformed our operations at Beyondly. Integrating Esign into our systems was relatively straight forward and has massively improved customer and team experience. As a Bcorp organisation we place high value on our environmental impact and since inception, Esign has represented a 31.46kg saving of CO2 entering the atmosphere.”

Emily Rice | Operations Manager
National Clinical Homecare Association

National Clinical Homecare Association

“The tools are very easy to set up and intuitive to use. When we encountered issues, the eSign team was agile enough to respond, usually on the same day. The copy template feature has made setup with new customers much easier.”

National Clinical Homecare Provider | End User
Slaters Heelis Solicitors logo

Slater Heelis Solicitors

“eSign is an invaluable tool that assists us in keeping track of our legal matters. It gives us full control of the document journey and has greatly improved signature capture and document turnaround times.”

Slater Heelis Solicitors | End User
Morgan Ash Testimonial logo

Morgan Ash

“Working in the regulated financial and medical markets we need a quick secure and economical signature process. Esign gives us all of these.”

Andrew Gething | Managing Director
Blue i Testimonial logo

Blue I Properties

“Can’t recommend eSign enough. It is quicker, easier and cheaper to use than many of their competitors.  The detailed Document History provides useful evidence and proof of when your document was created and signed.  Their team members are extremely knowledgeable of the systems, friendly and professional.  All in all, an amazing product at a very competitive price.”

Debbie Collins | Lettings Administrator
Government Property Testimonial

Government Property Agency

“One thing which sets eSign apart is their flexible signature packages, allowing flexibility in both pricing and usage to provide the best solution for the organisation. The GPA has been very well looked after by our eSign account manager and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

Government Property Agency | End User
10-100 Devon Testimonial logo


“The solution was simple to use, has a great management portal, and the price met our expectations. We now use the product for our own internal use and have recommended and deployed it into our customers when we get requests for signature solutions. Esign’s ongoing support is excellent, and they are continuously improving and developing their solution.”

Paul Visagie | IT Consultant
Cambridgeshire County Council Logo

Cambridgeshire County Council

“eSign has brought both time and efficiency benefits to our department since we started using the platform two years ago. It is easy to use and they have useful training videos available which have been helpful for training our team on how to use the platform and its features.”

Wendy Ballard | End User
Churchill Support Services eSign Testimonial

“Using eSign has significantly increased the time it takes to send and receive contracts which means we close deals quicker. I especially like how you can redirect and edit documents without creating new envelopes and that I can keep track of which contracts are still pending signature as an admin. As an environmentally friendly business, it’s also helpful to see how much carbon we are saving with the carbon counter. I would definitely recommend eSign to a business who is looking to close deals faster.”

Katie Butcher | Client Relationship Manager

Business Benefits of eWitnessing

User Friendly Platform
Easy to use

eSign allows you to configure the document workflow in a manner that fits your compliance and best practices.

Faster Document Turnaround
Rapid agreement completion

Digital transformation speeds up the contracting process and allows documents to obtain signature and witness completion faster.

Compliant Documents
Improved compliance

eSign operates to the highest eIDAS standards – we provide customers with the highest standards of security, authentication and identity standards.

Digital Signature Certificate
Court admissible documents

Our completion certificate captures key identifiers about signers and witnesses such as IP address and time stamps, which can provide evidence for the transaction in the event of a legal dispute.

Reduce Costs with eSignatures
Reduce costs and risks

Paper-based witnessing can lead to a lot of back and forth. eSign’s platform avoids this, improves collaboration, and reduces NIGO returns on documents.

Environmentally Sustainable
Environmental impact

Remove the need for hard copy documents and minimise paper waste with a fully digital solution

Technical Checklist

  •  Set up automated workflows with a tailored signing and witnessing order, deSigned to meet your organisations specific requirements
  •  Our platform is easy to configure and use
  •  Increase security with our multi-factor authentication for signers and witnesses, including SMS and email
  •  See the advanced audit trail of the document and receive a certificate of completion

Case Studies

National Clinical Homecare Association Case Study
National Clinical Homecare Association

The healthcare industry clearly recognised the need to adopt a digital approach to prescription processing, giving operational advantages, regulatory compliance and improvements to patient safety.

Mid Devon Case Study
Mid Devon District Council

There has been significant time and cost savings on the sign-up process for new tenants as there is no longer a requirement for officers or tenants to travel to meet in a location to sign the agreement. 

Law Firm Case Study
Legal Industry

eSign provides cost-effective solutions to digitally process key legal documents, such as contracts, agreements and policy documents, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing your brand reputation.


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Accountancy Industry

Efficiently drive your business ahead with streamlined processes, effective transactions, and budget-friendly services.

Education Industry

eSign provides holistic digital document solutions tailored for the education sector, driving your educational establishment ahead with efficient processes.

Healthcare Industry

eSign provides comprehensive digital document solutions designed for healthcare organisations, optimising processes, ensuring efficient transactions.

Insurance Industry

eSign provides comprehensive digital document solutions designed for insurance firms, propelling your business with optimised processes.

Legal Industry

Enhance document processing speed, competitiveness, ensure higher compliance, and elevate contract review processes through the adoption of a digital document management solution.

Life Sciences Industry
Life Sciences

Furnish your Life Sciences company with a digital document platform that enables a seamless agreement process.

Logistics Industry

eSign offers complete digital document solutions for logistics, powering your business forward with streamlined processes, efficient transactions, and cost-effective services.

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