How to Send Documents using Bulk Send

Efficiently distribute an eSign document to multiple recipients simultaneously by uploading a CSV file.

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Step by Step - Bulk Send Documents

Bulk sending for e-signatures streamlines the process of sending a single document to numerous recipients for signing, enhancing efficiency in document management; recipients receive the document individually, sign electronically, and return the signed copies electronically, optimising workflows and minimising paperwork.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Watch our video to learn how to send a document to multiple recipients using our bulk send feature.

watch esign video tutorial

Step 1

Select the ‘Bulk Send’ option on your E-Sign dashboard view.

bulk send documents

Step 2

To upload a bulk list of up to 100 recipients, click ‘Upload CSV’.

step 2 upload bulk list

Step 3

Your CSV file must contain first and second names in the first column, followed by email addresses in the second column. The title of your columns should be “name” and “email” in lower case.

bulk send step 3

Step 4

Once you have uploaded the recipient list, you can then upload the document you wish to send to the list.

step 4 upload document

Step 5

Here you have the option to add another document to your envelope.

step 5 option to add document

Step 6

You can also choose to send a signed copy to your recipients, whereby you add your signature before it is sent to them.

step 6 send signed copy

Step 7

If you have uploaded the wrong document, simply click ‘Swap Document’ to replace your document with the correct one.

step 7 swap document

Step 8

Once you have uploaded your recipients and documents, add the envelope title, subject and description. This content will be shown to your recipients when they receive the email.

step 8 add the envelope

Step 9

Once you have entered the contents of the email, please click ‘Continue’.

step 9 enter details continue

After uploading you will be then taken through the usual esigning process. Each recipient in the bulk list will receive their own document to esign. For example, if you import a bulk list to esign with 45 recipients, 45 separate documents are generated and sent from your account for signing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum file size or a maximum number of recipients for an envelope?

You can use bulk send for up to 100 recipients at a time. Anything over 100, the email sent to recipients’ risks being delivered as spam. For example, if you have 163 recipients, we recommend doing this in 2 batches of 100 and then 63.

Can I recall a bulk send document?

No. Once a document through bulk send it sent this cannot be recalled. We recommend testing the feature before to a small group of test recipients using the intended document to reduce risk of error.

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