How to Add a Company Seal

A company may apply an electronic seal on a contract before sending it out for signature, to certify the integrity and origin of documents.

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Step by Step Guide – Add an Electronic Company Seal

Electronic seals certify the integrity and origin of documents. For example, a company may apply an electronic seal on a contract before sending it out for signature. Only the team Administrator can add the company seal to a document.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to add an electronic seal to your important company documents.

watch esign video tutorial

Step 1

To get started, click your avatar in the top right or ‘Settings in the column to the left.


Step 2

Click ‘Update company seal’ and upload your company seal image. This can then be dragged onto any of your documents for signing.


Step 3

To use your company seal on a document, upload your document to the platform and click ‘add company seal’. The seal must be added to in your profile settings.


Step 4

Here you will see your company seal on the document.


Step 5

Here is how the company seal looks on the document. Company seals are included to authenticate your important company documents.


Frequently Asked Questions

When would I use an electronic seal?

An electronic seal is applied on behalf of legal persons, such as organisations or institutions to certify the authenticity and integrity of a document. Only Administrator’s have access to add e-seals.

Where do I upload my company seal?

You can upload your company seal in the account settings of your E-Sign dashboard.

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