HIPAA Compliant Electronic Signatures

eSign is a fully HIPAA compliant electronic solution that can support healthcare organisations and provide a streamlined patient experience.

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HIPAA Compliant Electronic Signatures
1.1 million
documents processed per month
new signers per month
envelopes sent per month
1.1 million
documents processed per month
new signers per month
envelopes sent per month

eSign Simplifies HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) aims to guarantee that organisations handling protected health information (PHI) implement robust security and privacy measures to safeguard patient data.

eSign is compatible with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), allowing patients to conveniently sign necessary documents from any device. eSign incorporates multiple layers of security and authentication to ensure HIPAA compliance and the protection of sensitive patient information.

HIPAA Compliant eSignature Solution

eSign has various protocols and procedures in place for organisations to implement compliant electronic signatures into their processes. Our electronic signatures come with a full audit trail and certificate of completion, providing proof of the transaction. This includes the IP address, date and time stamps, and other identifying information. 

In accordance with the HIPAA compliance checklist, emphasis is placed on clear documentation and retention. So, by maintaining detailed audit trails, every eSignature is accountable and traceable. Accurate record keeping in this manner aligns perfectly with HIPAA’s aim of safeguarding sensitive patient details.

Highly Secure HIPPA E-Signatures

How to use E-Signatures with HIPAA documents

Follow the steps below to ensure your electronically signed documents are fully HIPAA compliant.

  1. Choose an e-signature provider that is compliant with HIPAA guidelines and has robust security systems and protocols in place, to maintain the privacy and integrity of protected health information.
  2. Select the type of HIPAA document you want to send.
  3. If necessary, include a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in your document to ensure compliance and offer assurance in the event of a breach.
  4. Regularly review your documents to check they continually meet HIPAA requirements.
How to use E-Sign with HIPAA Documents

Highly Secure Electronic Signatures

The most important factor when maintaining HIPAA compliance with electronic signatures is the robustness of security protocols and how data is handled to maximise its protection. eSign uses a highly secure 256-bit SSL encryption, to keep sensitive information as safe as possible from cyber threats. 

eSign has an impressive infrastructure with ISO 27001 certified state of the art servers. These are protected by commercial grade firewalls, border routers, and network management systems as well as 24-hour onsite security and strict physical access controls. We strive to continually maintain the highest standards of security to support our ongoing compliance with HIPAA. 

Other examples of our features and processes include:

  • Malware protection
  • Code reviews
  • Anti-tampering controls
  • Signature verification of signing events
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems
HIPAA Secure Electronic Signatures

Benefits of eSign for Healthcare

Environmentally Sustainable
Eliminate Paper-based Costs

By digitalising your document processes, you can effectively eliminate paper-based expenses.

Increased Efficiency
Streamlined Administration Process

Once your documents have been digitally signed, you can easily store them securely within the eSign platform or download them to file in your CRM.

Compliant Documents
Compliant Documents

eSignature transactions are a recognised and legally binding method for almost all healthcare document processes around the world.

Advanced Audit Tracking
Supported by Full Audit Trail

Ensure compliance with a full audit trail and a transparent process, easily retrieving data at any time.

Faster Document Turnaround
Faster Document Turnaround

Streamline your processes by sending all of your digital documents securely via eSign and allow users to sign documents in a matter of minutes.

Digital Signature Certificate
Contactless Signing

Provide a touchless experience for your patients and staff using digital documents and an electronic signature.


Leicester Hospital Case Study

University Hospitals of Leicester

“We have seen significant improvements in our pharmacy service efficiency since implementing E-Sign. The platform is user-friendly and has allowed our team to securely and reliably provide prescriptions for crucial patient medication, minimising the risk of supply disruption and saving valuable time. Collaborating with E-Sign has been an easy process, Desi and Luke have always been professional and approachable to offer support when needed.”

Amy Page | Kidney Pharmacy Team

National Clinical Homecare Association

“The tools are very easy to set up and intuitive to use. When we encountered issues, the eSign team was agile enough to respond, usually on the same day. The copy template feature has made setup with new customers much easier.”

National Clinical Homecare Provider | End User
Hessington Health Testimonial

Hessington Health

“Hessington Health is a busy national health screening and occupational health practice with over 18 independent schools and over 10,000 staff members. The challenge we have faced is reminding employees to sign consent forms before we release the reports to their employers. This is an incredibly time consuming process. E-Sign has offered us the perfect solution. The online dashboard allows us to track the consent forms in their journey, Set reminders and have a safe place to store the completed forms. This has saved us an immense amount of time and improved our governance in this area. It also allows the user to create bespoke forms meaning any organisation from any sector will be able to utilise this package.”

Harjeev Rai | Medical Director

Flexible eSignature Process

Seamless Integration

eSign integrates with leading software platforms to improve and simplify your transaction.

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Electronic Signatures

Digitalise your document signing process with our secure and compliant eSignatures solutions and enjoy increased productivity, streamlined administration and substantial cost savings.

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ID Checker

With our embedded iD Checker, you can verify the identity of your eSigners to minimise the risk of fraud and ensure your transactions are secure

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Personalised Emails

Ensure strong, uniformed branding across all your communications and send documents for eSignature in a personalised email.

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Verification Tools

Use eSign’s verification tools, anytime, anywhere to ensure your transactions are secure and fully verified

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