Why You Should Choose E-Sign as Your Digital Document Signing Solution

9th Oct, 2020

Your company has decided to ditch paper-based processes and go digital with your document signing. But what’s next?

There’s a world of cost- and time- saving benefits to be had but choosing the right e-signature provider is vital. As digital solutions grow in popularity, so too do the number of service providers on the market. So how do you know what’s the right choice for you? Doing your research is definitely advisable to ensure you get the service your business needs. Here at E-Sign, we’re looking to make your life as easy as possible, and this includes helping you to choose the best signing solution for your business. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should pick E-Sign as your digital document signing solution.


1.Pay-as-you-go Service

Unlike most providers, E-Sign offers a pay-as-you go service, as well as monthly and annual Business, Business-Pro and Enterprise payment plans. This range of payment options ensures there’s something to suit every business size and budget, allowing you to tailor your E-Sign solution to your business requirements. For smaller businesses, our pay-as-you-go service allows you to tightly control your digital spending, ensuring you only pay for exactly what you use, whilst accessing document management features, unlimited users, and payment capture. For larger organisations relying on multiple document transactions, our business options allow you to e-sign and send unlimited documents, as well as offering access to advanced features such as bulk sending, API integration and unlimited control.


2.Integrated Payment Gateway

E-Sign’s digital document platform offers so much more than just electronic signatures. Indeed, with the ability to integrate a payment gateway into your documents, you can collect a signature and payment in one streamlined transaction. Thanks to E-Sign’s advanced functionalities, you can simplify your processes and ensure deals are closed quickly and efficiently. By collecting your payments straight into your bank account, your business can benefit from improved cash flow and accurate accounting, making managing your business finances easier. In addition to this, digitalising your payment collection reduces time spent on chasing and manually processing payments, freeing up time to invest in other areas of your business.


3.Embedded ID Checker

Here at E-Sign, we understand that security is of paramount importance to businesses. This is why we’ve designed an advanced ID Checker to verify your signer’s identity. Designed with convenience and security in mind, our E-Sign ID Checker effortlessly integrates into the document management process and incorporates real-world ID verification for peace of mind that your signers are who they say they are.  To help prevent fraudulent transactions, E-Sign asks your signers to provide their name, gender, birthday, address and either passport or driving licence details. Our advanced ID Checker will then automatically screen this data against our global ID database, either verifying or rejecting your signer before they can access any confidential documents.


4.Simplified Document management

E-Sign’s digital platform provides your business with a centralised and simplified document management process. With the ability to upload and store documents and templates on your dashboard, you can easily generate contracts, deals or paperwork for signing. Once you receive a returned, signed document, you can either store it on your E-Sign platform or download it into your CRM to file under your own system. The E-Sign platform is secure and compliant, so you don’t have to worry about storing confidential or sensitive data on your dashboard. Indeed, for extra security and peace of mind, we operate with server-side encryption (SSE), twin firewalls and an encrypted client library to ensure all your data is protected.


5.Integrated API

With our Enterprise payment option, you not only receive unlimited documents and users but also the option to further customise your E-Sign solution with an integrated API.  With an API connecting your business processes, services, content, and data to channel partners and internal teams, you can create a fully integrated e-signature process that complements the day-to-day running of your business, allowing you to exchange data and build consistent cross-channel customer experiences. In addition to this, integrating E-Sign’s e-signature technology with your company’s API allows for greater automation of your processes, helping you to further streamline your document management.


6.Personalised communications

At E-Sign, we want you to make your solution and your platform your own. This is why all communications sent from the E-Sign platform can be tailored to your brand. With the ability to create your own email design and customise your email signature, you can ensure that your customers will recognise your company, providing them with greater confidence in your documents. Each time you send out a communication, you can personalise the content, adding additional information or instructions for your signers. You can also add your company’s logo to all your emails and notifications, making it easier for your users to identify your documents and cementing your brand presence in your customers’ inbox.


7.Two-factor Authentication

To ensure that all transactions are secure, and that confidential data remains in the right hands, you can add two factor authentications to your documents. This can be in the form of SMS authentication or a one-time passcode. Both are easily integrated into your electronic signature process and require your signers to enter a passcode that you either send them separately or automatically via SMS. This ensures that only the intended recipient can access your documents and the containing information, providing another lay of security and fraud prevention for your transactions.


8.User-friendly signing

E-Sign is designed to be user-friendly, not only for you and your employees but also for your customers. When your customer receives a link to your document via email, they are not required to make an account with E-Sign to access or sign a document. After clicking the link, your customers will be re-directed to your document or a separate page to collect any additional information e.g a one-time passcode or ID verification. In just a few clicks, your client can read the contents of the document and agree to it via e-signing. By making the process as convenient as possible, you can provide your customers with a smooth customer experience, making your service memorable for all the right reasons.


9.Reduced Expenditure

By digitalising your processes with E-Sign, you can save money on your document signing. The cost of printing, postage and stationery all adds up. Going paperless allows you to save money on things like paper, printer ink and toner, as well as envelops, stamps and storage. With the money you save on these expenses, you could pay your monthly or annual subscription fee and potentially have money left over to invest in other areas of your business.


10.Save time

Streamlining your processes with digital document signing not only saves you money but also saves you time. An easy and convenient process for both you and your signers, you can significantly reduce document turnaround time and the back and forth associated with traditional signature collection. By moving the process online, you can save yourself and your employees time on day-to-day administration, allowing you to focus on elements that drive your business to the next level.


Are you considering choosing E-Sign as your digital document signing solution? Try our 14-day free trial and discover E-Sign’s potential for yourself.

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