A 6-Step Plan for Successful Digital Transformation

24th Apr, 2023

Earlier this year, Tom Taylor, Founder and Managing Director of E-Sign discussed in an interview with Fotis Georgiadis about how companies can take their business to the next level with Digital Transformation. Tom explained the importance of digital transformation and how E-Sign work with companies across various industries to help them grow with the implementation of digital document management and eSignatures

According to Accenture, digital transformation is the process by which companies embed technologies across their businesses to drive fundamental change. The benefits? Increased efficiency, greater business agility and ultimately the unlocking of new value for employees, customers and shareholders. However, many companies find it challenging to execute a digital transformation project successfully. Incomplete planning, a lack of resources, and inadequate expertise are among the common reasons for failure.

To address these challenges, we follow a consistent, six-point framework for all of our digital transformation projects:

1. Plan the Organisational Goals:

The first step in a digital transformation project is to identify the company’s strategic goals and the expected business impact.

Digital Transformation and Plan the Organisation Goals
We use a business value mapping process to map out our goals and determine what technologies are required to achieve them. This step is crucial in ensuring that the transformation project aligns with the company’s overall strategy.


2. Plan the Execution and Goals:

In this step, we ensure that all stakeholders are identified and are on board with the project’s overall goals.

Digital Transformation and Plan the Execution and Goals
All departments should be aware of the impact of any change and their respective responsibilities. Additionally, a structured and agreed project delivery timeframe is essential to ensure that the project stays on track.


3. Customer Insights: 

In any digital transformation project, the customer should be a key consideration.

Digital Transformation and Customer Insights
We place the customer within the remit of a stakeholder and work with them to assist in the realisation of the project. By considering how the project will affect the customer, we can ensure that the transformation meets their needs and expectations.


4. Technology Alignment: 

This step involves assessing the technologies currently in use, determining which ones will enhance them, and identifying any additional technologies that will render them redundant.

Digital Transformation and Technology Alignment
We consider whether there will be any impact on other business processes, such as staff training or a review of technological accreditations, such as ISO27001.


5. Metrics and KPIs:

 As listed in the business value map and organisational goals, the metrics should be agreed upon, and milestones/deliverables monitored.

Metrics and KPIs
By establishing clear metrics and KPIs, we can track progress and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the project stays on track.


6. Supervision and Management: 

Finally, digital transformation specialists should drive the project with key stakeholders identified and monitor change management processes, liaising with senior managers and communicating issues, as well as successful completion of each key milestone.

Regular communication is vital in ensuring that everyone is kept informed and can provide input throughout the project.


In conclusion, digital transformation projects are complex and require a robust and consistent framework to ensure success. By following our six-point framework, companies can achieve their digital transformation goals and unlock their full potential.

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