Document Transaction Management: How Your Business Can Benefit

12th Mar, 2021

“Our name may be E-Sign but we’re so much more than electronic signatures.”

At E-Sign, we’re probably best known for supplying high-quality and legally binding electronic signatures. Whilst e-signature capture is an important part of what we do here at E-Sign, it’s just a fragment of what we can offer businesses. Our platform offers a number of functions that all combine to create efficient and streamlined document transaction management.


What is document transaction management?

Document transaction management does what it says on the tin. It helps you to manage your document transactions more efficiently, optimising your document processes to create a digital workflow that makes life easier for you and your clients. With E-Sign, we offer the following capabilities to help your business create a fully digital document process:

  • PIN code
  • ID checkers
  • Payment capture
  • Document journeys
  • Template creation
  • Sequenced signature capture
  • Connectors

In this article, we’ll be discussing each component of our document transaction management in more depth, as well as why your business should embrace digital document management as the foundation for all document processes in your business.

Document Transaction Management at a Glance

The diagram above helps us visualise just how E-Sign functionalities can be integrated with one another, and with connectors such as Salesforce and Dynamics CRM, to create a bespoke document transaction management system.


PIN code

Especially useful for sensitive or confidential information, adding PIN protection means that your signer will have to enter the PIN before they can access and view the contents of your document. Once you’ve set the PIN code on your document, you can them forward that onto your signer via email, SMS or over the phone. With an extra layer of protection on your documents, you can be sure that only authorised parties can access your business information.


ID checkers

For many businesses, verifying the identity of their clients is an important, but often siloed, part of their compliance process. With E-Sign’s document management functionality, you can easily integrate an ID checker into your document processes and signature collection. By enabling the ID checker, you can be sure that the identity of your signer will be properly verified before they can access and sign your document. Your clients will be asked to provide personal information and passport details that will be screened against our global database to automatically verify their identity.


Payment capture

If you’re in an industry in which closing an agreement can often be followed by collecting a payment, then E-Sign’s document transaction management has the ideal workflow for you. With E-Sign, you can combine signature collection and payment capture into one, simplified transaction, allowing you to instantly collect a payment from your client. This functionality allows your business to benefit from better accounting and improved financial modelling, whilst also reducing time spent on chasing payments.


Document journeys

As part of the document management process, E-Sign allows you to set out a specified document journey, allowing you to recall and redirect documents for signing, as well as sending out automatic reminders to your signer and the ability to see how many times the document has been viewed. This function allows you to track the progress of your transactions and manage all your documents from a centralised platform, making life easier for you and your employees, as well as simplifying paperwork for your clients.


Template creation 

The starting point for any document process is creating the agreement or contract in the first place. E-Sign’s template creation can help you reduce time on creating your documents, allowing you to reuse and edit existing content. With all your templates stored on the document management platform, you can quickly select and fill in your template with the relevant deals, allowing you to respond to customers and clients with impressive agility and speed.


Sequenced signature capture order

With sequenced signature capture, you can dictate the order in which a document is sent and signed by multiple parties. If a document needs to be signed by several people in a particular order, this function can help you set the order, ensuring your document won’t be sent on to the next party until it’s been signed by the first, and so on. By automating this part of the signature collection process, you can take the hassle out of managing multiple signatories in one transaction.



If all the functionalities mentioned above are the components of document transaction management, then connectors are the glue that joins them together and creates a seamless user experience, not only within the E-Sign platform, but also with other applications. No matter what software your business uses to get the job done, E-Sign can integrate seamlessly into your existing processes, creating an easy and user-friendly workflow to improve your document management.

  • Google
  • Stripe
  • Dropbox
  • HubSpot
  • OneDrive
  • Office 365


 Benefits of Document Transaction Management

Whether your business is large or small, you stand to benefit enormously from optimised document transaction management.


Better Customer Experience

Embracing document transaction management allows you to provide the best user experience for both your clients and more importantly, your customers. Ultimately, creating an optimised workflow for handling your document processes helps your business react to clients requests quickly, allowing you to collect signatures, payments and verify your clients’ ID in just a few clicks. This simplifies the document processing on both ends, allowing customers to manage documents on their own devices and in their own time, without the hassle of tackling paper-based processes.

 Higher Conversion Rate

By streamlining the customer agreement process and reducing decision times, document transaction management has the power to increase and improve the velocity of sales. E-Sign’s integrated platform allows businesses to respond to clients’ requests or interest quickly and efficiently, helping you strike while the irons hot when it comes to closing those business deals. With document templates available and the ability to sign and send documents in just a few clicks, you can rely on our document transaction management system to help you turn interest into conversions.

 Increased Revenue

Speeding up the agreement process and removing arduous manual steps, digital documents no doubt eliminate the inefficiencies associated with paper-based processes. With E-Sign’s document transaction platform powering your productivity and saving you money on wasted time and resources, you can be sure that your digital solution is worth the money and is helping you to increase your business profitability.

 Reduce Risk

Document automation reduces risk, allowing complete workflow control from beginning to end. Components like automation in the agreement process can also lead to a reduction in errors, which not only helps reduce overall risk but also eliminates the cost of error-checking and drives down operational costs when compared to paper-based alternatives. Put simply, in digital processes, the less manual input the better and with our versatile connectors, E-Sign makes achieving automation easy.


E-Sign is a leading provider of digital transaction management solutions, supplying professional services including Electronic Signatures, Web Forms, ID Checker, Verification Tools, Personalised Emails, API and Payment Processing to businesses of all sizes across the UK.

To find out more about our E-Sign solutions and how they could transform your business, get in touch with us today.




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