Integrating and Automating E-Sign and Microsoft

27th May, 2021

It’s safe to say that Microsoft has created some of the most popular business applications on the market.

From the operating system Windows to Microsoft office, and most recently Microsoft Teams, most businesses in the UK and across the globe, will no doubt use some type of Microsoft product as part of their day-to-day business operations. That’s why we’ve ensured that our e-signature solutions and more integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s most popular and widely used applications.


E-Sign For Office 365

Office 365 bundles together some of the most popular Microsoft applications including Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, and Word. E-Sign can be used in conjunction with the entire office 365 suite, easily integrating into your existing processes to improve operational efficiency. Perfect for businesses that rely on Microsoft applications for their daily operations and document transactions, E-Sign’s integration capabilities can really help you and your employees work smarter.



If you use this cloud-based storage solution to house your company documents and business data, integrating your electronic signature and document transaction management system is a smart move to make. By integrating your OneDrive and E-Sign accounts, you can benefit from the unique functionalities of both platforms, without the hassle of navigating between the two workspaces.

With these two applications able to collaborate and share information, you can easily access your OneDrive contents through the E-Sign platform, allowing you to pull documents for e-signing and sending straight from your OneDrive folders. Allowing for greater automation of your processes, connecting OneDrive and E-Sign ultimately enables you to eliminate unnecessary manual steps and replace them with automated actions, such as automatically saving e-signature documents back into your OneDrive folders.



Incorporating E-Sign into your Outlook account allows for improved collaboration between your email provider and electronic signature software. Why waste time switching back and forth between E-Sign and Outlook?

Get the best of both worlds with our Outlook add-on. With the E-Sign add-on integrated into your Outlook, you can electronically sign documents from your email inbox, sending documents with personalised messages straight from your Outlook account. As Outlook is integrated with other Microsoft applications such as OneDrive and 365, integrating E-Sign into your inbox means copies of your signed documents can be saved into your OneDrive for better storage and recordkeeping.



Microsoft Word is the widely used word processing programme that allows users to type, edit, share, and co-author work with their colleagues. Incorporating E-Sign’s technology into Microsoft Word allows you to enhance both your document workflow and your document organisation and storage.

Indeed, with the ability to upload Word documents to E-Sign’s document management platform, you can save your created document as a template, allowing you to reuse the layout and content and reducing document creation time for a quicker turnaround. With these two platforms working together, you can optimise your workflow and benefit from the functionality of both E-Sign and Microsoft without having to switch between the two.


E-Sign for SharePoint

By integrating E-Sign’s functionality with Microsoft SharePoint, you can sign and send all documents stored in the SharePoint library with a few clicks, reducing the manual steps needed between sharing documents and sending them out for signing.

These integrated capabilities allow you to easily add greater automation into your operations, optimising your existing processes and creating an effective workflow that truly benefits your business and employees. It also allows you to improve document organisation and storage, easily centralising all document storage in the SharePoint workspace rather than between both the E-Sign platform and Microsoft.


E-Sign for Dynamics 365

If you use Dynamics 365 as your CRM, your business could benefit enormously from integrating E-Sign and Microsoft. Signing and sending documents is easy with the help of E-Sign’s electronic signature, allowing you to pull information from your CRM to both fill in your document and send it out for signing.

E-Sign for Dynamics 365 also keeps you up to date with the progress of your transactions, creating a fully visible audit trail of changes and notifying all parties of updates and progress. With E-Sign’s API capabilities, you can maximise the potential of your CRM system, utilising customisable integrations and creating a bespoke document ecosystem that truly works for you and your employees. By combining the two platforms, your business can ultimately improve its operational efficiency, enabling you to reduce document turnaround times and respond to clients with agility and speed.


Microsoft Power Automate

The process of automation may sound daunting, especially if your business doesn’t have an experienced and tech-savvy coder in its ranks. At E-Sign, we’ve made it part of our aim to make automation accessible for every business, not just those with a dedicated tech team. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Microsoft Power Automate to make automating your document transactions easier and more accessible.

Automating both your digital signatures and digital document management has the ability to revolutionise your business operations, optimising your workflow and creating a truly efficient digital ecosystem for your business.


Microsoft Power Automate makes creating automated workflows between applications and workspaces simple, offering pre-set ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’ to create an efficient and streamline document process. Integrating effortlessly with E-sign’s functionalities, Power Automate represents a simple and effective way of automating your digital signature collection and document management processes, allowing your company to benefit from the time-saving efficiencies of automation.

Here are some easy automations that can make your document processes more efficient:


1) Generate Documents for Signing

 Automatically generate documents to send for signing using Power Automate. With the ability to pull data from your existing CRM or customer web form, you can instantly generate the documents or contracts you need to follow up with customers.

2) Send Follow Up Emails or Confirmations

With Power Automate, you can create a flow that will automatically send personalised follow-up emails to chase your signer, as well as instantly sending email confirmation when signed documents are returned.

3) Store Signed Documents Automatically

Keeping an organised record of your transactions is essential to your document process. With Power Automate on the case, you can automatically download signed documents into a specified folder for instant storage and organisation.

4) Keep Track of Processes With Automatic Updates

If you’re sending out numerous documents for signing, it can be difficult to keep track of the progress and stages of all your transactions. With Power Automate and E-Sign, you can easily keep track of completed and outstanding signatures thanks to automatic updates sent to your chosen email or team platform.

5) Send Notifications to Team Chat Apps

If working as part of a team, you can set up a flow to automatically send notifications to your chosen team chat app or project management platform. Whether you use Slack, Teams or another application, you can automatically update your team with progress notifications.


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