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24th Oct, 2023


Businesses and organisations are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations, and eSign stands out as the leading choice for eSignature solutions. Here’s why you should opt for eSign as your trusted partner when looking for an electronic signature provider:

Digital Transformation Excellence

eSign has been awarded the prestigious Digital Revolution Award for Digital Transformation Project of the Year in 2023. This recognition highlights our commitment to digitisation and innovation. The award-winning project involved the digitisation of NHS prescriptions for the National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA), aiming to create a universal and scalable solution for paper-based prescription transport in clinical homecare settings.

The results were astounding:

  • Reduced prescription process time from two days to two hours (80% reduction)
  • Reduced 9,172kg of C02 over 12 months
  • Saved £95,324.44 annually from kWh reduction (based on mailing)
  • Saved the paper equivalent of 510 trees
  • Improved the audit log and reduced delays due to multiple staff being assigned to prescriptions in case of absence

eSign was a joint winner alongside Cognizant, a NASDAQ-listed American multinational, whose winning entry was for their digital transformation project for Network Rail.


Global Expansion and Expertise

eSign has embarked on a remarkable journey of global expansion, driven by the increasing demand for our services. Since our inception over a decade ago, our growth has extended beyond just the boundaries of our business. We’ve expanded our skillset and talent pool, positioning ourselves as a versatile and dynamic partner for organisations seeking digital solutions.

With strategically located offices in Douglas, the Isle of Man, and Liverpool, we’ve not only broadened our geographical footprint but also enhanced our ability to cater to diverse client needs. These locations serve as hubs for innovation, collaboration, and the development of cutting-edge solutions.

One standout achievement in our journey was winning a contract with the Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunications and IT in 2022. This marked a pivotal moment as we took on a significant role in the Digital West Bank and Gaza Project, funded by the World Bank. The project’s scope extends beyond providing sound digital infrastructure and access to digital services for Palestinian citizens; it also addresses critical sectors such as education, health, agriculture, and government services.

Our involvement in such a substantial undertaking aligns perfectly with our mission of leaving a positive impact on the planet. We are guided by a person-centred approach that leverages technology to genuinely transform organizations and communities. This project reflects our commitment to using our expertise to empower others and drive meaningful change.

Tom Taylor, eSign Managing Director, has been appointed to advise the World Bank on Digital Transformation in the Middle East. This prestigious role underscores our leadership in the digital transformation arena and our dedication to helping public sector organizations worldwide adopt innovative digital technologies that enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Tom’s appointment signifies our commitment to sharing our knowledge and experience with the world, ultimately contributing to economic growth and the establishment of robust digital infrastructures in the Middle East.

Tom Taylor commented:

“I’m thrilled to be working with the World Bank to help boost economic growth in the Middle East by enabling the region to embrace the kind of cutting-edge, robust digital infrastructure that citizens and businesses want and expect.”

In essence, eSign’s global expansion isn’t just about reaching new horizons; it’s about making a positive impact, transforming organisations, and shaping a brighter digital future for all. Our journey is one of continuous growth, innovation, and the unwavering commitment to making the world a better place through digital solutions.


Public Sector Trust

eSign proudly stands as the sole PSN-certified electronic signature provider in the market, a distinction that underscores our unwavering commitment to public sector compliance and the highest standards of security and reliability. This certification by the Public Service Network (PSN) signifies not just our capability but also our dedication to meeting stringent regulatory requirements and providing public sector organisations with unparalleled trust, efficiency, and cost-saving opportunities.

PSN certification isn’t easily obtained, and it isn’t awarded lightly. It’s a rigorous process that demands adherence to stringent regulatory standards set forth by the UK Government. These standards encompass a comprehensive range of security protocols, operational practices, and data protection measures. For eSign to achieve PSN certification, our technology and processes have undergone exhaustive scrutiny to ensure they meet and exceed these exacting standards.


Efficiency and Cost Savings

Beyond the stamp of trust and compliance, PSN certification opens the door to transformative possibilities. Public sector organisations, including revered institutions like the NHS, can leverage eSign’s document management and electronic signature solutions to enhance operational efficiency significantly.

By reducing reliance on paper-based processes, cutting down on manual tasks, and streamlining workflows, organisations can achieve substantial cost savings, freeing up resources for critical public services and initiatives.


Automation and Integration

eSign is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation by embracing greater automation and integration capabilities. As businesses move towards creating bespoke digital ecosystems, we make it easy to adopt eSign through various digital channels. Partnering with Microsoft Power Automate, we offer simple automation options to reduce manual processes and improve operational efficiency. With pre-set workflows and a simplified system, Power Automate provides a low-code alternative to traditional automation, empowering businesses to optimize their processes effortlessly.


Championing Excellence in Employment: Code Nation’s ‘Employer of the Year’ Award

eSign achieved a significant milestone in 2022 by being honoured as Code Nation’s ‘Employer of the Year.’ This prestigious accolade resonates with our unwavering commitment to nurturing talent, supporting apprenticeship programs, and empowering individuals to excel in the dynamic world of technology.

At eSign, we firmly believe that the future belongs to those who invest in it today. This belief has led us to actively support apprenticeship programs that provide aspiring individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to embark on successful careers in the tech industry. Apprenticeships represent not only a pathway to personal growth but also a powerful way to bridge the skills gap in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Exceptional Service and Support

eSign is proud to have earned high ratings on Trustpilot, with a 4.3-star rating. Our customers consistently praise our eSignature solution for its simplicity, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. We have successfully transformed processes by enabling digital signatures and approvals, saving both paper and storage. Here is what customers have to say:


Great eSignature solution

In our initial search for a digital signature solution, we looked at all the usual names, but found them to be very difficult to engage with, some were cumbersome to use and deploy, and all of them came at a fairly high price tag per license. We came across eSign and were very glad we did. Engagement was easy; they were very helpful and professional in their approach to our requirement. The solution was simple to use, has a great management portal, and the price met our expectations. We now use the product for our own internal use and have recommended and deployed it into our customers when we get requests for signature solutions. eSign’s ongoing support is excellent, and they are continuously improving and developing their solution.


Great customer support

We have been using eSign for two years now and we are very happy with the service and the helpful staff members dealing with our queries. The service has really transformed our processes and almost all of our signatures and approvals are now done digitally which saves paper and storage.


In Conclusion, Your Path to Success with eSign

In choosing to entrust eSign as your digital document signing solution, you’re not just selecting a service provider, you’re choosing an industry-leading partner. Esign brings to the table a distinguished track record of excellence across multiple dimensions crucial to your success in the digital era.

In making eSign your trusted partner, you join a community of satisfied customers who have experienced first-hand the transformative potential of our cutting-edge technology. It’s a commitment backed by unwavering dedication to your success, a commitment to leaving no stone unturned in delivering excellence, and a commitment to empowering your journey in the digital landscape.

So, the question isn’t just why choose eSign; it’s why wouldn’t you? Embrace a future of efficiency, security, and innovation with eSign as your digital document signing solution, and together, we’ll create a success story that goes beyond your initial expectations.

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