The Top 10 Apps to Boost Productivity in 2024

Posted 20th December 2023

If you’re seeking ways to elevate your business productivity in 2024, you’ll no doubt be exploring new tools and resources geared toward enabling growth. Taking advantage of the digital tools at our fingertips is a necessary step in future proofing any modern business.

Digital tools should either complement your current digital infrastructure or serve as the cornerstone for initiating digital transformation. Most enterprises rely on a variety of applications, each serving specific purposes crucial for day-to-day operations. Therefore, seamless integration and information sharing across these apps is essential.

For those aiming to revolutionise their processes in 2024, here are some widely embraced productivity apps designed to streamline, digitise, and enhance processes throughout your business. Let’s delve into our top 10 recommended apps.


For Managing your Documents

Many businesses are powered by documents. Whether internal or external paperwork, creating, sharing, storing documents is an essential part of the day-to-day running of a business. Your business will therefore need apps that make managing your documents easier.

1) E-Sign 

eSign logo

An electronic signature and document management solution, eSign offers a comprehensive suite of features catering to businesses for seamless document signing and transaction completion. To maintain a fully digital document workflow, a corresponding digital signature is essential and reduces reliance on physical printing significantly.

E-Sign’s user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly generate documents and incorporate customisable fields for client input, alongside an intuitive e-signature function. Moreover, our platform can be integrated with a number of different integrations, such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Slack and PayPal to enable seamless and automated workflows. By choosing an eSignature platform, you can revolutionise the way agreements are forged and transactions are completed.

To find out more about the applications we can connect with, click here. 

2) Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 logo

Microsoft 365 bundles together all of Microsoft’s most popular applications, providing everything you need to create and manage your business documents on a day-to-day basis. Create documents in Word, store them in SharePoint and share them over Teams.  Microsoft Word even allows multiple parties to view and edit the same document at once, perfect for joint projects and group work.

One of the best things about Microsoft is how well integrated all the individual applications are. This makes working efficiently a lot easier, allowing you to create processes that work for your employees and business. Businesses can also make use of Power Automate to add simple automation to their workflows.

3) Dropbox

Dropbox Logo

Dropbox is a popular cloud-based storage system that allows users to store and share documents and files. As it’s based in the Cloud, Dropbox allows you to access these documents from anywhere, as they’re not tied to one device. These days, cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular with businesses; it’s a more flexible way to share and manage documents.

Dropbox also makes sharing documents and folders easier; simply type in the email address or group you’d like to share with and you’re good to go. Like Microsoft, it also integrates well with other applications, allowing you to manage documents between workspaces better.


For Better Workload Management

Managing a digital workload and an increasingly remote team requires the right organisational apps. Project management apps help to keep your team organised and ensure everyone is on the same page, while collaborative platforms promote better communication between individuals and teams.

4) Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI Logo

Reclaim AI is a scheduling assistant that helps you to organise your time for optimum productivity. If you have a hectic weekly schedule, this AI app can find the best time for your meetings, tasks, habits and breaks so that you can manage your time more efficiently.

Whether you work in product, sales, marketing or HR, Reclaim AI works to your set parameters, such as no-meeting days and focus time and integrates your task list with your calendar. With AI becoming more accessible, it is a no brainer that AI tools will become more prominent in our daily working lives.

5) Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Onenote

Whether you’re in a meeting or brainstorming ideas to yourself, taking notes is a daily task for most people working in business. However, taking notes on paper or in a notepad file can be messy and lead to having unorganised notes that are difficult to find and refer back too.

Microsoft OneNote is a free tool that gives you a range of ways to organise your notes, from notebooks to sections and sub headers. It also has a powerful search function, which includes scanning your notes, images and any PDF’s saved to find exactly what you are looking for. With the ability to integrate OneNote through Zapier, you can also eliminate the hassle of moving important information between apps.

6) Logo is a popular work management tool that allows teams to manage tasks and workflows and fuel collaboration and productivity at scale. It is a cloud-based platform with a modern and intuitive user interface, ensuring that users don’t have to be tech-savvy to be able to use it effectively.

By using a tool like, teams can foster collaboration and efficiency, resulting in high-quality results. With built in communication systems, team members can communicate about tasks, follow up on feedback and complete tasks to set deadlines. For teams with multiple projects and deadlines, it is an ideal tool that enhances work visibility, ensuring that all parties can work closely and collaboratively.


For Streamlined Customer Communications

7) HubSpot

Hubspot Logo

HubSpot centralises your marketing, sales, and customer interactions into one platform, offering the tools you need to streamline your business communications. HubSpot has three ‘hubs’ for marketing, sales, and customer services. These can be purchased separately or together, with the ability to interact with each other and share information.

Having ‘hubs’ that can work together encourages better collaboration between your departments. It allows businesses to track every stage of the customer journey, from first contact to lead conversion, empowering employees to provide an exceptional customer experience, as well as helping your business attract, convert and retain customers.

8) Salesforce

Salesforce Logo

Salesforce is a CRM platform designed to help businesses manage marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT team from one centralised place. Having all your business data in one dashboard makes keeping track of your success easier; you can even use Salesforce to generate easy-to-read metrics and reports.

Salesforce also helps you establish efficient processes in each of these departments, whilst promoting a collaborative atmosphere across your business. You can even use the workflow rules and the process creator to add automation to your operations, without the need for coding. With so many features to make managing customer communications easier, Salesforce can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.


For Better Financial Management

9) QuickBooks

Quickbooks Logo

QuickBooks is accounting software designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their finances better. The software offers various features you need to manage the financial side of your business such as managing payroll, creating/tracking invoices, recording expenses and more.

Part of its appeal is how simple it is to use, even if you have limited experience in accounting/financial management. QuickBooks is a cloud-based software that can be accessed online or via an app, allowing you to track your finances from anywhere, perfect when you’re on the go.

10) Xero 

Xero logo

Xero is accounting software that helps businesses better manage their financial transactions. Perfect for small business owners, Xero can be viewed on the go via mobile, allowing an at-a-glance overview of your finances anytime, anywhere.

Xero offers all the tools you need to run the financial side of your business, including tracking and paying bills, claiming/reimbursing expenses, tracking the cost of projects and more. With the ability to manage all your finances in one place, Xero empowers you to take control of your accounting and improve your cash flow.


E-Sign… So Much More than an eSignature

Our name may be E-Sign, but we’re so much more than just an electronic signature. With a complete digital toolbox at your disposal, you’ll have everything your business needs to manage your documents and business transactions in 2024.

In addition to our electronic signature solution, our customers also have access to:

Web Forms: Allow customers to fill in and e-sign documents on your website, app or via email, collecting all the information you require in an easy and signable format.

Personalised Email: Ensure strong, uniformed branding across all your communications and send documents for e-signature in a personalised email.

eWitnessing: Speed up the document completion process, improve compliance and reduce risks with our eWitnessing solution.

eConsent: Enhance the patient experience, save consultant time and standardise information delivery processes with eConsent.

Verification Tools: Use E-Sign’s verification tools, anytime, anywhere to ensure your transactions are secure and fully verified.

API Processing: Integrate E-Sign’s API e-signature software into your website today for a smoother digital experience for you and your customers.


E-Sign is a leading provider of digital transaction management solutions, supplying professional services including Electronic SignaturesWeb FormsID CheckerVerification ToolsPersonalised Emails, API and Payment Processingto businesses of all sizes across the UK.

To find out more about our E-Sign solutions and how they could transform your business, get in touch with us today.


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