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eSign Startups Use Case

Start your Business off on the Right Foot with eSignatures

Electronic signatures offer several advantages for start up businesses, making them a highly valuable tool for streamlining processes and improving efficiency from the very beginning. By moving your document processes online, collaborating becomes more efficient, allowing you to complete those important transactions in just a few clicks.

Saving employee’s time.

Save Costs and Valuable Employee Time

If you run a small company or are just starting out, using electronic signatures is a proven way to ensure that you keep unnecessary costs down whilst saving employee’s time. Manual processes slow down your workforce and cause unnecessary costs such as printing costs, shipping, and storing physical documents.

Resources are often limited at the very beginning, and you will want to ensure your employees are spending time on important tasks such as increasing sales and promoting your new business.

Startup Business Saving Costs

Site poses serious security risks such as theft or accidental loss.

Ensure your Documents are more Secure

Storing physical documents on site poses serious security risks such as theft or accidental loss. If you are starting a new business, you may be using shared office spaces which makes it more difficult to ensure you have complete security over your documents.

We adopt a variety of high security protocols and operate under many ISO and government certifications, to ensure your data is always safe. Our advanced eSignature capture technology means that all our digital signatures are 100% verifiable and backed by a unique digital certificate. We provide a full audit trail, incorporating key identifiers.

secure esign

Ability to send and sign document.

Close Deals Faster with Increased Document Turnround

By giving your employees and clients the ability to send and sign documents in just a few clicks, you will see a significant increase in the turnaround of your documents. On average, electronic documents are completed 80% faster than paper documents.

If a document needs to be sent to multiple signers, such as management, lawyers and external stakeholders, you can ensure that the process is quick, seamless and hassle-free by sending it electronically and including required fields to signers.

esigning document quickly

Realise the potential of automating your processes.

The Economic Impact of Document Automation & Digital Ecosystems

Many industries have realised that automation solutions bring together various software applications to create digital process automation.

This forms part of a larger digital ecosystem, helping customers streamline business processes, reduce costs, and improve security.

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The Impact of eSign Document Automation


Mid Devon Testimonial logo

Mid Devon District Council

Using eSign has made our tenancy completion processes so simple. You don’t have to be technically savvy to be able to use the platform and it doesn’t draw on any other ICT resources.

Lisa Harber | Team Leader 
Thula Testimonial logo


We are very proud and thrilled to be working with the eSign team, creating a truly digital and revolutionising management tool for controlled drugs in a post-pandemic world.

Adele McAllister | Manager
Oxofrd University Testimonial logo

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford have appointed eSign UK Ltd. as their preferred electronic signature platform.

Purchasing Department | End User
Paratus Law Testimonial logo

Paratus Law

I am a commercial solicitor and I encourage clients to use the highly secure electronic signature processes offered by eSign. The law supports the use of electronic signatures.

Simon Arthur | Owner
Beyondly Testimonial logo


eSign has transformed our operations at Beyondly. Integrating eSign into our systems was relatively straight forward and has massively improved customer and team experience.

Emily Rice | Operations Manager
National Clinical Homecare Association

National Clinical Homecare Association

The tools are very easy to set up and intuitive to use. When we encountered issues, the eSign team was agile enough to respond, usually on the same day. The copy template feature has made setup with new customers much easier.

National Clinical Homecare Provider | End User
Slaters Heelis Solicitors logo

Slater Heelis Solicitors

Esign is an invaluable tool that assists us in keeping track of our legal matters. It gives us full control of the document journey and has greatly improved signature capture and document turnaround times.

Slaters Heelis Solicitors | End User
Morgan Ash Testimonial logo

Morgan Ash

Working in the regulated financial and medical markets we need a quick secure and economical signature process. Esign gives us all of these.

Andrew Gething | Managing Director
Blue i Testimonial logo

Blue i Properties

Can’t recommend eSign enough.  It is quicker, easier and cheaper to use than many of their competitors.  The detailed Document History provides useful evidence and proof of when your document was created and signed.  Their team members are extremely knowledgeable of the systems, friendly and professional.  All in all, an amazing product at a very competitive price.

Debbie Collins | Lettings Administrator
Government Property Testimonial

Government Property Agency

One thing which sets eSign apart is their flexible signature packages, allowing flexibility in both pricing and usage to provide the best solution for the organisation. The GPA has been very well looked after by our eSign account manager and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

Government Property Agency | End User
10-100 Devon Testimonial logo


The solution was simple to use, has a great management portal, and the price met our expectations. We now use the product for our own internal use and have recommended and deployed it into our customers when we get requests for signature solutions. Esign’s ongoing support is excellent, and they are continuously improving and developing their solution.

Paul Visagie | IT Consultant
Churchill Support Services eSign Testimonial

“Using eSign has significantly increased the time it takes to send and receive contracts which means we close deals quicker. I especially like how you can redirect and edit documents without creating new envelopes and that I can keep track of which contracts are still pending signature as an admin. As an environmentally friendly business, it’s also helpful to see how much carbon we are saving with the carbon counter. I would definitely recommend eSign to a business who is looking to close deals faster.”

Katie Butcher | Client Relationship Manager

Benefits of eSignatures for Start up Businesses

Reduce Costs with eSignatures
Cost savings

Start ups often have limited resources, eSignatures eliminate the need for printing, shipping, storing physical documents and paper and ink costs.

Faster Document Turnaround
Increased time efficiency

Electronic signatures allow for instant signing and sharing of documents, reducing turnaround time for contracts and agreements.

Remote accessibility:

Start up teams and clients may be spread out geographically, eSignatures allow individuals to sign from anywhere, on any device.

User Friendly Platform
Ease of use

Our platform is designed to be user friendly, making it easy for both businesses and clients to sign documents electronically.

Increased Security
Increased security and compliance

Our eSignatures are fully secure and compliant, operating under many ISO and government certifications.

Technical Checklist

  •  Signers receive a one-time passcode via SMS that must be entered before opening the documents
  •  All signed documents are supported by a digital signature certificate
  •  Scan a unique QR code for automatic accesses to the signature verification page
  •  Ensure high standards of security and compliance with a full audit trail
  •  A unique digital fingerprint is generated with each new signature
  •  For additional security and verification, IP addresses are recorded
  •  Ensure real time ID verification with eSign iD Checker

Our Services

Electronic Signature Services
Electronic Signatures

Digitalise your document signing process with our secure and compliant eSignatures solutions and enjoy increased productivity, streamlined administration and substantial cost savings.

Web Form Services
Web Forms

Allow customers to fill in and eSign documents on your website, app or via email, collecting all the information you require in an easy and signable format.

ID Checker Services
ID Checker

With our embedded iD Checker, you can verify the identity of your eSigners to minimise the risk of fraud and ensure your transactions are secure.

Personalised Email Services
Personalised Emails

Ensure strong, uniformed branding across all your communications and send documents for eSignature in a personalised email.

Verification Tools
Verification Tools

Use eSign’s verification tools, anytime, anywhere to ensure your transactions are secure and fully verified.

API Developer Portal
API Payment Processing

Integrate eSign’s API eSignature software into your website today for a smoother digital experience for you and your customers.


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