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Why Esign, Create Electronic Signatures

Send and Sign Securely with eSign

Send and sign agreements, contracts, proposals, or any other document securely, from any device. Over 85% of agreements are completed in less than a day, and 48% in less than 15 minutes. An electronic signature is a person’s electronic expression of their agreement to the terms of a particular document. It is 100% legally binding and replaces the slower, paper-based signature in virtually any process.

Create an E-Signature with eSign

Our advanced electronic signature technology provides users with a high level of trust and assurance for the digital transactions of documents because they associate a signer with a document in a recorded transaction. This is in the format of a coded message through specific Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocols.

Advanced electronic signatures (eIDAS Article 3) meet the following criteria:

  • They are uniquely linked to and capable of identifying the signatory
  • They are created in a way that allows the signatory to retain control
  • They are linked to the document in a way that any subsequent change of data is detectable

How to Create an eSignature

Draw your eSignature

If you have access to a touchscreen, you can use your finger to create an electronic signature directly in your document. This will be saved on your account, meaning that for any future document you sign, you can use the same signature. Alternatively, you can use your mouse to draw your signature.

draw your e-signature

Upload an Image of your Signature

Alternatively, use your phone or camera to take a picture of your handwritten signature. This can then be uploaded into your eSign account and turned into a .png file that can be used to sign along the signature line of your document.

upload your e-signature

Type your eSignature

You can also type your signature using your laptop or computer keyboard, this will appear as standard text on your document when signing, but will still be recognised your legally binding and certified signature.

type your e-signature

Technical Checklist

  •  All signed documents are supported by a digital signature certificate.
  •  Scan a unique QR Code for automatic access to the signature verification page.
  •  Ensure high standards of security and compliance with a full audit trail.
  •  Real world identification can be validated and embedded into your signatures for increased security.
  •  A unique digital fingerprint is generated with each new signature.
  •  For additional security and verification, IP addresses are recorded.
  •  Ensure real time ID verification with E-Sign iD Checker.

Benefits of eSignatures

Faster Document Turnaround
Faster document completion turnaround

eSignatures streamline your workflow and boost productivity, embrace the future of efficient document completion.

Secure Resources
Increased security and advanced audit trail tracking

Protect your valuable documents with eSign's eSignature solution. Our advanced security features ensure the integrity and authenticity of each signature.

Reduce Filing
Reduced costs related to manual paper processes

Transitioning to eSignatures can significantly reduce your operational expenses, by eliminating paper, printing, and postage costs, you'll see immediate savings.

Environmentally Sustainable
Eliminate paper waste and become more environmentally sustainable

Embrace the eco-friendly choice of eSignatures and significantly cut down on paper consumption.

Mass Document Sending
Send the same document to multiple signers with just a click

Send a document to multiple signers with ease instead of manually printing copies.

API One Click Send
Integrate an API with E-Sign’s platform to create bespoke workflows

With our eSign API, streamline your document signing process by integrating eSignatures directly into your existing applications, workflows, and platforms, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

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