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eSignatures are a crucial component of digital transformation, enabling businesses to streamline and modernise processes, reduce paper-based workflows and enhance overall efficiency.

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Digital Transformation with Esign

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The first step in embracing digital transformation is figuring out what your business needs to support your goals. Once you know what technology is available to support you, then you can begin on finding a solution that works for you.

Key component in digital transformation

How do eSignatures Support Digital Transformation?

If your business relies on processing paperwork, whether in small or large numbers, you are perfectly positioned to adopt and eSignature solution.  Esignatures are a key component in digital transformation as they bring about greater efficiency, productivity, and value to a business.

eSignatures eliminate the need for physical paperwork and manual signatures, allowing documents to be signed electronically and securely. They promote remote working and collaboration, improve the customer and employee experience, reduce costs associated with manual paperwork and are environmentally friendly.

Document being Stored Securely Online

Many businesses now using multiple applications

Integrate with Existing Applications and Processes

We understand that many businesses now use multiple applications to ensure their processes are more efficient. This is why eSign can be integrated into your existing applications to enable you to completely automate your workflow, driving time and cost savings.

With our API, you can create a custom built digital ecosystem to support your digital transformation and eSignature processes. Our Developer Hub provides all the info you need to tailor our software to the way you work.

What Documents can you eSign

Fully secure and compliant to multiple standards

How Secure are eSignatures?

Our electronic signatures are fully secure and compliant to multiple standards. We adopt a variety of high security protocols and operate under many ISO and government certifications, to ensure your data is always safe.

Our advanced eSignature capture technology means that all our digital signatures are 100% verifiable and backed by a unique digital certificate. We provide a full audit trail, incorporating key identifiers. Esign’s platform is secure via 256 SSL encryption.

Secure eSigning Process

Technical Checklist

  •  Signers receive a one-time passcode via SMS that must be entered before opening the documents
  •  All signed documents are supported by a digital signature certificate
  •  Scan a unique QR code for automatic accesses to the signature verification page
  •  Ensure high standards of security and compliance with a full audit trail
  •  A unique digital fingerprint is generated with each new signature
  •  For additional security and verification, IP addresses are recorded
  •  Ensure real time ID verification with eSign iD Checker

Benefits of eSignatures for Digital Transformation

Improve customer experience

Transform your processes with digital technology can make the way you work more efficient and organised, allowing you to focus on offering an impressive customer experience.

Get data driven insights

Allow your business to benefit from real-time data and analytics which is particularly useful where tracking metrics can help influence your strategy.

Drive cost savings

eSignatures can save money by reducing error rates, implementing automation, eliminating paper-based costs and increasing agility.

Enable automation with our API

Eliminate repetitive tasks and free up more time for higher-value work, so you employee can make the most of their working hours.

User-friendly platform

Our platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for both your employees and clients to use.

Remote collaboration

Electronic signatures enable remote teams to collaborate seamlessly without the need for physical presence.

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