E-Sign Expands into Global Market

29th Apr, 2024

At E-Sign we’ve seen a lot of growth and new developments over the past few months, with more plans in the pipeline. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at our notable moments over the years, what we’re working on at the moment and our goals for the rest of the year.

E-Sign founded in 2012

The E-Sign story began back in 2012 when our Managing Director, Thomas Taylor noticed significant shortfalls in document processes. From waiting for contracts to arrive to having to manually print, sign, and scan them back to someone, he realised that there could be a more efficient way for documents to be signed and managed. This led him to start working on the first E-Sign platform.

Since then, E-Sign has grown into an industry leading global provider of eSignatures and digital document solutions for businesses. With our user-friendly platform and innovative product range, we can provide bespoke digital document solutions that work seamlessly for businesses and organisations. An important part of this is continually developing our services to meet a wide range of business needs.

It is this dedication to ensuring the best service for our users that sets us apart as a leading eSignature provider. We pride ourselves on our ability to save businesses time and money on their daily document processes.

Industry Leading Experience on Global Projects

Electronic signatures can make a significant difference to processes in practically any industry that requires documents to be exchanged between two or more parties. At E-Sign, we have created bespoke solutions for industry leaders that have transformed their operations.

We have implemented large scale projects for the NHS, UK government, the energy industry, and many more, with our clients achieving outstanding results.

Becoming Leaders in Digital Signature Frameworks

E-Sign is committed to ensuring we maintain the highest possible standards for our users across the digital solutions we provide. An essential part of this is our compliance with the eIDAS framework. eIDAS is an extremely important regulation in the EU and UK, outlining the criteria for secure and legal use of electronic signatures.

In addition to complying with eIDAS, E-Sign was an integral part of helping to create the framework for it, through our team’s detailed knowledge and experience of eSignatures. We have specific expertise in creating frameworks and have been involved in the introduction of worldwide legislation that supports validity of eSignatures in a growing number of countries.

Opening Our New Offices

An important part of our recent growth is the opening of two new international offices, located in Dublin and New York. After success in the UK market, we have been keen to reach businesses further afield, offering them the features and benefits of our eSignature solutions to streamline their document management. By opening offices in these locations, we have established a physical presence in both the EU and the US, to build strong relationships with local businesses and support them with improving their digital operations.

In addition to opening our international offices we have also been growing our UK team, with our Sales and Development teams doubling in size in 2023. As a result, in March 2024 we moved into a larger, 3,500 sq.ft. ground floor suite in No.8 Princes Dock, based at the Liverpool Waters. This office move provides more space to add to our growing team.

Increased Investment in the Team

Our team is at the forefront of everything we do at E-Sign, and we have been recruiting talented individuals to join our sales, development, and marketing departments to continue our growth and improve our service to clients. This continued investment in the team is an important part of E-Sign’s values, with plans to continue our recruitment process in the coming years. We are also passionate about ongoing training for the team to allow them to grow within their roles and reach their full potential.

New Global Website Launched

As part of our international expansion we are excited to announce the recent launch of our global website. Launching the new website has allowed us to expand our service offering, reaching a wider range of businesses and organisations who can benefit from our digital solutions. We can also tailor our approach to meet the various requirements of our international clients, including the relevant laws and regulations surrounding the use of eSignatures, ensuring compliance is always met in their documents.

Providing Qualified eSignatures

One of E-Sign’s biggest objectives for 2024 is to provide qualified signatures. Currently we offer advanced signatures which are a secure way of digitally signing documents and verifying the identity of signers. Advanced signatures are specifically linked to each individual signer, which is backed by a unique digital certificate. Our advanced signatures come with a full audit trail and are recognised as equally legally binding as a handwritten signature.

Qualified signatures are similar to advanced signatures but require additional features for identity verification and security. The process for using qualified signatures typically involves multiple steps including encrypted keys, two-factor authentication, and third party verification. Third party identity verification of the signer can be done remotely via an online video chat or in person. Only an eSignature provider that is accredited as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) can issue qualified certificates.

We are currently working to achieve this accreditation and ensure our technology meets the relevant regulations to provide qualified signatures to our users. Once we have completed this process we will be able to further expand our services and support more industries with our digital solutions. There are some industries and circumstances where only a qualified signature will be acceptable on a document in order for it to be valid, due to the extra security measures that are taken, which we will be able to help organisations with when we become a QTSP.

Stay up to Date with E-Sign

As you can see, we have had a significant amount of growth at E-Sign and we’re not stopping there. We’ve got a lot of exciting plans for the future with our continual developments to improve and increase the digital solutions we can provide to businesses, ensuring they get the best possible results from using our platform.

If your business is looking to make a digital transformation with effective solutions that save you time and money on your document management, E-Sign is the ideal option. Our affordable pricing plans are flexible to meet the requirements of each organisation we work with, whether you send 5 documents for signature a month or 5,000.

Give it a try for yourself today by registering for our 14-day free trial and start experiencing all the benefits we have to offer. If you have any specific questions about how E-Sign can work for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

Thomas Taylor

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Thomas oversees the business strategy and leads the business, ensuring the company achieves its strategic vision and adheres to the principles and beliefs upon which it was founded.


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