Document Management

Effortlessly manage your documents with our user-friendly and intuitive platform. Utilizing eSign streamlines business processes, making it easier and quicker to manage, store and locate all your documents in one central location.

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Manage Documents with Esign

User-Friendly and Intuitive Platform

Our robust platform is designed to simplify document management, enhance document security, foster collaboration, and optimize business processes.

Fully secure and compliant

Centralized Storage for Your Documents

Whether your documents are signed or awaiting signatures, create individual folders within the platform for organized and secure storage.

Our platform is fully secure and compliant to industry-recognized standards. E-Sign operates various high-security protocols and operates with numerous ISO and government certifications to guarantee the safety and security of your data.

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Ensure seamless integration

Seamless Integration with Your Applications

Many businesses now use multiple applications to enhance productivity – leverage our API to seamlessly integrate these applications with our platform.

From Microsoft Office, Google, and Salesforce to Dropbox, Slack, and Hubspot, E-Sign integrates seamlessly, enhancing both the employee and customer experience.

Integrated ID Checker

Eliminate unnecessary costs

Boost Productivity and Cost Savings

Reduce the time spent on manual tasks, allowing your valuable employees the ability to invest in crucial activities, such as handling customer inquiries and creating effective sales and marketing strategies.

An online document management system eliminates costs associated with printing, faxing, scanning, and mailing documents and freeing up funds for further business investments.

Cost Savings

Always here on hand to help

Outstanding Customer Support

Should you require assistance discussing anything related to your documents, our team is always readily available. Reach out through our live chat feature, phone call, or email, and we’ll happily address any queries you may have. We are always ready to respond to your document management needs.

We also have a library of user guides and video tutorials to talk through various features of the platform.

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Business Benefits of Document Management

Increased Security
Enhanced security

Our platform provides robust security measures to ensure the safety of your critical documents and data.

Compliant Documents
Mitigated risk of loss or damage

Storing documents digitally minimizes the risk of physical loss or damage often associated with paper-based documents.

Improve Collaboration
Access control

Manage who can access important documents and specify actions they can perform on these documents.

eSignature Workflow
Optimized workflows

Documents can be automatically sent for signing following predefined rules, minimizing human errors and ensuring consistency.

Compliant Documents
Enhanced compliance

Our platform provides an advanced audit trail of document changes, ensuring accountability and assisting with audits.

Environmentally Sustainable
Environmentally conscious

Digitizing your documents reduces the need for paper consumption, contributing to a reduction in your business's environmental footprint.

Technical Checklist

  •  Signers receive a one-time passcode via SMS that must be entered before opening the documents
  •  All signed documents are supported by a digital signature certificate
  •  Scan a unique QR code for automatic accesses to the signature verification page
  •  Ensure high standards of security and compliance with a full audit trail
  •  A unique digital fingerprint is generated with each new signature
  •  For additional security and verification, IP addresses are recorded
  •  Ensure real time ID verification with E-Sign iD Checker

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